Every life experience has a song that should be played simutaneously during it.

Throughout my whole life, I have had numerous experiences that would fit a certain song while going through it.  For as long as I can remember, I have heard songs that would fit perfectly.  Therefore, forever embedded in my mind is that song that will bring me back to that life event.  It is the Rolodex of music that easily connects to that time in life, all perfectly filed and organized.  That song brings comfort to the most negative of them while the fun and positive ones create excitement in the memory of the latter.  Does anyone out there feel the same?  Randomly sitting in a car , anyone’s car, a song comes on the radio and boom, I am not in reality anymore.  The lyrics don’t even have to match up to the situation, it is just the melody  or beat that does it.  Let’s fast forward to an example……

Here we go, Lynyrd Skynyrd, “That Smell.”  Aside from abiding to the exact words, to me this means the smell of weed and alcohol.  During a certain period of my life , I did a lot of this.  Always in the social scene, never alone.  Only in the social scene.  Perhaps I did it because it would slow down my ever fast thoughts, but really at the time, I liked to dance hard, yell, have crazy times with friends, and finally something felt free and out of my system.  This song reminds me of the crowds of people in a house party and the smells that go around.  Hard alcohol, cigarettes long gone, perhaps the occasional body odor smell, but most important of all, the smell of fun.  What kind of fun comes out of this fun?  Well, lighting firecrackers in friends houses in an empty dark room and then running to watch them freak out.  How about stealing VCR’s of friends and taking it with us to the bar while people look at us strangely as to why we are dancing with a VCR on the dance floor.  We would just let them wonder and give strange answers that would just leave anyone confused.  Not sure if the VCR ever made it back, and not sure where that VCR ended up.  Also, the energy in a room or house has a smell.  There really is now description of that smell but I know I lived for it.  It is the smell that knows no boundaries, no rules, no social norms, non-conformity, no expectations from anyone, and best of all no responsibilities that bore me everyday.  It is the smell I desire everyday , even if I do not drink, or do drugs any longer, and my party sense flame has died down due to the been there done that mode.

In present time, when I smell these smells, I am transported back to that, with a lot of wonderful memories that put a smile to my face each and every time.  Did I forget to say cue the song mentioned above?  🙂


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