The elusive gym and the routine of it that I hate.

I have a hard time keeping to routines.  Why do you ask?  Three words:  Attention Deficit Disorder.  Recently, I was diagnosed with this and am still trying to figure out how to relive life while working around it.  I take meds which work great as long as they are in the system.  Once it wears off, it’s back to………HEY , LOOK A SQUIRREL!.  You get the idea.

In the past, gyms have eluded me due to I feel they are boring.  Therefore, keeping a gym membership and a routine with it has failed many, many times.  I suppose if a rock band was playing while I worked out, that would be awesome.  Now that I am on meds, I can stand the gym enough to get through to my routine.  Amazing difference.  The two things that must come with me are a book, my music, or both.  Otherwise, the TV’s do nothing for me because nothing of substance is on them and I feel dumber just watching it.

I am a people watcher, and I wish I was not.  Very distracted by people walking by me, or loud sounds people make obnoxiously at the gym, or women cackling like hens on crack.  The meds, curbs that significantly.  Now, I can ACTUALLY enjoy the workout and with music it is perfect.

Now that I have the routine of the gym down, I have noticed some strange things in my mind about the people there.  First, why do people sweat profusely and not carry a small towel with them?  Not only are you dripping all over the floor and the equipment, but you looking like a oozing gross mess.  Sometimes I just want to give them my towel.  The said person has sweated straight through their pants, and tops, and it must feel like you jumped in a river then proceeded to workout.

Second, who continuously farts on a cardio machine.  I had the luxury of smelling these said farts behind said person on my own cardio machine.  Gagging, and waving my towel around to dissipate the air, I hope she got the idea that she should escort herself to the restroom.  Talk about lack of manners.  Meanwhile, the ever problem of people on their phones on the gym floor.  Bleh.  If I wanted to hear about your baby daddy drama, perhaps I would have asked you for it.  Otherwise, take it to the lobby.  I AM TRYING TO FOCUS!!!  🙂

Finally, please do not wear cologne, perfume, or makeup.  Some of us have allergies and this is not a bar or gym to pick people up.  Your only going to sweat it off like your makeup and look like a clown that was coming down from a speed trip.  Clowns are scary things, I do not need to get distracted by them at the gym.  Where were you scary clown when I could have used you at Walmart to scare away the sketchy people who linger in the shadows?  🙂


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