I am the reincarnation of a hippy who would like to stay in the 70’s.

Have you ever thought of who you would be in another lifetime?  Do you believe in reincarnation?  I would like to believe in it if there was tangible evidence of it.  My beliefs are on target with science and science only, therefore if I cannot see the solid proof, then poof be gone.  If I were to be reincarnated from anything, it would be a hippy.  Why you ask?  The lifestyle mostly, so much more free, and free from conformity.  I am not a fan of conformity , rules, traditions, regulations and such.  There is no time for that.  Some rules and traditions are alright but mostly I want to live outside of my box.  Finding others who feel the same, are my ideal chances of friendship.  Conservative individuals I do not jive with.  All this I have found from my 35 years of life hanging out with a wide range of groups of people.  Trying the movement of let’s do it all by the rules, perform excellently in school, make our parents proud, beg for their acceptance , get married, have kids , and become a stay at home mom who attends church every week makes me gag.  I REALLY find that my worst nightmare and would not feel like myself at all.

Ideally , I would like to have a small farm with my husband near the sea, in the woods and with a couple different gardens.  On top of that, goats, cats, two dogs, a bird sanctuary, a spot for mediation and yoga, and lots of hiking.  My piece of mind comes best when in nature and nature related environments.  What is funny is my brother is the same type of person.  Create a space for writing, and reading, and playing my guitar first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee.

Then I would hop off after my writing session to go collect seashells which could be a 15 minute drive, another zen moment.  What is  your ideal surroundings and environment?


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