I am inspired to be………..a bitch.

Well, here we are.  I am in one of the middle of my mood swings.  Could be due to the ADD or Bipolar portion as I have it narrowed down.  Perhaps it is my sinuses driving me this morning, bat shit crazy.  Let me tell, all fucking morning, blowing my nose since I got up at six am.  On and off , not continuously.  By the time four hours pass, your tired all over again like you have already went through a hard eight hours at work.  I keep myself busy doing chores and such on my own time while dealing with other miscellaneous stuff.  The chores are never-ending as if they are a real person and I want to tell them to shut up and step off.  Listening to my Metallica seems to help, have not played my guitar due to the fact my head feels like a bowling ball weighted down by a few bricks.  It is a good thing no one is here, I have no want to talk or go out to deal with the awful drivers in this state.  It does not matter if it is winter, they drive like cracked out chickens running for their lives here.

I have this dermatology checkup today in a few hours and I do not think it is safe to go there just to speak with people casually as I sign in or talk to the doctor.  (cue:bang head against the wall now).  If I went, I shall carry a large poster board stating this, “Very bad day today, caution: Bipolar.  Please approach with caution.”  The thought of doing that makes me laugh, it would make a good show on punked or something.  Is that show even a show anymore?  Who knows.

Ok, time for some coffee.  It always saves the day.  🙂


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