part two of the crappy day

By 3:15pm, now I feel as if I am roadkill hit by a Mack truck but shoveled to the side so that no other car flattens me even more.  I am guessing I had some sort of allergic reaction is what it feels like so now that it ran its course, I feel like I was just dug up out of my grave.  At least I managed to get a few chores done, eat, drop of a script, and goto the grocery store for more Allegra and Naked juice.  I probably looked like death warmed over walking in despite showering and such.  Oh well.  Most of the people in Giant look like zombies on a daily basis so I will fit right in.  What would I have liked to do?  Well play my guitar for a couple of hours, and goto the gym.  That was two important things.  Sort of hard when your head is in the dense fog over the water, and your attention span is zapped while your head is just too heavy.

Cancelled my appointment, which really is not much important and can be put off.  The important appointment comes tomorrow with my psychiatrist where hopefully he will switch me from Adderall that only lasts for four hours to something like Concerta that will last a twelve-hour day.  Currently I have been planning my two doses of Adderall to fit my needs of the day at hand.  Definition:  When I really need to pay attention and get things done.  You know, us ADD people need help with focus otherwise we faze out of the boring routine, and into something more fun like…….skydiving.

Random thought:  There is this man who sits in front of the Starbucks nearby every morning.  He will sit there talking to no one or acknowledging anyone while he has some sort of goods and drinks from Starbucks.  He looks down at the floor unless he has to get up and walk or has to talk to the cashier.  I first started noticing this back in the summer and since I drive by everyday or stop there, this is why I notice him.  It could be the hottest of the coldest of days he will be outside sitting.  Sometimes, he sits inside acknowledging nothing.  The same patterns and most of all, he looks depressed.  I have come up with a few hypothesis of what could be going on.  One being depression, others, maybe had a bad physical accident or head injury and is recovering.  Or he could be mentally challenged?  Sometimes I think he could be traumatized by some sort of PTSD related incident.  This is the way my mind works, always trying to solve a puzzle.  The need to know why to everything is deep and passionate.  Overall, I feel bad.  He looks very lonely and lost.  Everyone ignores him just as I have but afraid to say hi.  It always strikes me to see someone who looks lost and depressed or what appears to seem that way.  Most of all, I can relate in numerous ways to those feelings.

Maybe one day, I will say hello and ask how his day is?


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