The careers in demand are nothing of interest to me,,, ummmmmmm

In demand careers seem to have no interest to me.  I have been researching just this and it is funny to read it while trying to re-carve my work life.  My interests lie in music, arts, communications, and writing.  None of this fall into in demand careers.  First, I see nursing.  Well, it is in demand, you get back what you pay for in tuition by working or so it says, butttttt.  Yeah, my OCD , I do not like germs or touching people.  That rules it out completely, hahahaha.  My husband thinks that if I start and get used to it, I will get over it?  Really?  I have not since the age of 12 and I am 35 years old now, what do you think?  I don’t even like acquaintances hugging me, I am not a huggy person outside of close friends and family.  The only draw to the medical field is the pay and how in demand it is.  If I go for something just for those reasons, I do not feel I would be happy.  I try to find a way to get over all of this just because it is an in demand field and pays well, but every time I try, I just don’t get there.

Then you have the whole computer world.  I don’t enjoy sitting for a long time and have never had an interest in programming, the inner workings of computers, and everything that is wrapped up into that.  How about the financial world like an accountant, that sounds like a super bore as well as anything financial.  I swore to never be a teacher because my parents were and I knew exactly the downfalls that they brought home and the ability to have virtually no social life due to having to bring home their work five days a week and on weekends.  That includes middle school and college level.  What is funny about that is my mother thought I would be a great speech language pathologist but why?  I asked her, I didn’t really get a straight answer on that.  Then researching it, I still didn’t see the interest.

Often, I have been told I would be great in outside sales, which I am interested in pursuing but don’t have the experience other than retail to get into that.  A lawyer.  That is another one people randomly tell me they see me as.  The thought has crossed my mind a few times, but I am not fully invested into it and if my family had lots of money to pay for it, maybe?  Off this list, it says the best creative jobs is a public relations specialist.  This is the only thing in this whole ranking system from US News Money that interests me.  I have the high creative sense, obsessive attention to detail, and I love just being on the go the whole time in a job.  Otherwise, dead periods, I lose interest.  I can see that job always moving, not always stuck at a desk.  Desks jobs are my worst enemy.  Never can I understand anyone who wants to be glued to a cubicle, desk, or such all day, 9-5.  The thought makes me want to run myself into a wall.

So here I sit, pondering, impatient, tired of searching, and wishing for an answer that makes sense.


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