Do you ever want to take the world by storm? I do.

I have always had this fun, pipe dream if you will of taking the world or my world by storm.  Sort of like becoming famous over night or in a week for something.  I don’t know what, but I crave the rush of excitement that would bring that I could ride that magic carpet ride until it runs out.  The feeling of your life being turned upside down for the better very fast.  What would that be?  I don’t know but I still hope for something like that to happen.

I suspect it is like becoming famous for singing or playing in a guitar that finally takes off after lots of work, something hit big and just sped off at 180 MPH down the highway to a better life?  Always wondered what they felt like.  Always have I craved the need for speed and excitement, I guess that comes from being Bipolar or my ADD; so I am told.  Can I really help that I feel this way if it is just programmed into the neurons in my mind.  No, I cannot.

This craving could really be settled or achieved by doing a variety of things such as becoming a famous writer, famous scientist, or someone who invented something that solves a real world problem.  My feeling that I was always destined for something big and unique, it never goes away.  No matter what happens in life, it is still there, still dreaming and hoping.  Who knows if it will ever happen or what it would be, it is sure fun to dream.  You cannot take dreams away from anyone.

Several times, I have had people ask me jokingly if I will become a big star in a band playing guitar because of my dedication to practicing everyday for two hours or so.  Well no, most likely not but it sure is fun.  I do it for personal enrichment and just fun.  Never did I think going into it with the intentions of playing in a band and someday becoming famous.

What is your dream of excitement or hope of hitting something big reader?  I encourage your honest thoughts , I am sure I am not the only one out there.


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