Why can I not experience that?

(Set to the tune of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina’s Danny’s Song)

Never dreaming of having a lot of money or being rich.  It was not on the priority list.  As long as I had my friends, my creativity, and family, everything was just fine.  That is how I lived life, making the decisions as I saw fit and doing my best to trudge through the complexity of my mental illness issues.  Did it all work out?

Now 35, I only half believe that.  Perhaps I am jaded, seeing that we are not equal in the USA.  Job status and income level dictates our status as an individual as much as you might want to dispute that.  Our lives are so dictated by money, it really is just a big slime ball of dictatorship.  The dictatorship being money over society.  The more money you have, the more things you can do to try new experiences , which believe me there is a ton out there I would still like to do but I do not have the funds to do so.  Those of us are robbed of those opportunities and think about what it would be like in this world if all of us could have the same opportunities as the rich do?  I bet you, the happiness level would dramatically rise.  No, not material things; experiences.  The experience of traveling to different cultures and embracing it.  The experience of sky diving, surfing, hiking in Peru, the ongoing guitar lessons for two years or so until you get to the point of your desire.  I am convinced that if this was opened up to more, drug abuse would dramatically drop, depression, mental illness, and any other physical illness would drop.  Cigarette companies would see a drop in their sales, along with alcohol.  You know, people rely on substances to replace the hurt or boredom.  So let’s replace it with new experiences.

Is this far fetched?  Do I have statistics to back this up?  No, and no.  This is all based on my gut feeling and my life experience so far.  How could this all be achieved given the way our government and society works?  Who knows.  But……I can dream.  You cannot take anyone’s dreams away from anyone.  From the highly successful business man to the homeless man on the street, they both have dreams.  Day dreams distract me from the negative.

Does love replace the shortcomings of what you would like to try?  Perhaps.  I guess that is perspective thing.  I imagine the influx of smiling as the new norm for facial expressions, people walking with more confidence, less slouching, less tears, less anger, less violence.  Maybe this could make a great movie.  I don’t know, these are the random things I think about, they spawn from listening to songs and boom, it’s there.  No particular rhyme or reason , why does there need to be anyways?  People usually want a why and how did you come to that particular thought?  Neurotypical individuals thrive on that, not that I can relate to that.

Try something new each day, it can be something very small to very big, whatever is in your reach.  See what happens…….


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