Dear diary…… just kidding, that is lame.

Yesterday started out well, but by 11am turned into another downfall in moods.  I ended getting into my therapist due to how I was feeling and gushed about all the problems I was having with nerves, anxiousness, big mood swings, restlessness, fits of crying, and you get the idea.  As I am crying in session, she suggested that the ADD med I have newly been on might be pushing my Bipolar diagnosis too much.  She said the med is known to do that sometimes.  Her next suggestion was that I not take it over the weekend to see what happens and see my psychiatrist on Monday morning to see his opinion.

The strangest thing to all this is the meds actually work but come with negative side effects that seem to send me on Bipolar mood swings of elated moods to depressive moods.  In between all of that, I do have focus, motivation, and still get things done.  I am sad that the med cannot just work the way it is supposed to without the negative downfalls if that is what is happening.  We will see what my doctor suggests next on Monday.

In an effort to cheer myself up, my husband and I went to Coldstone creamery where I got a small frozen yogurt, then went to Petco to see the animals there, that cheers me up.  I bought some flowers to put in the kitchen to look at when I am there too.  The moral of this story is that when you deal with new meds, sometimes things go as planned , sometimes they don’t after a certain point in the mental illness world.  I am here to fight another day.


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