In the world of applying for jobs……….

Yesterday, I am online applying for Petsmart.  Why Petsmart you ask?  I love just going to Petco or Petsmart to look at the animals.  They have a position to care for them, so what the hell.  Do I like the retail environment?  No, not really.  Let me tell you why.  From my past experiences in working a few retail jobs, generally they treat like you’re a student in fifth grade, which is degrading.  For instance, you have to ask when to goto the bathroom for fear that a customer will miss you on the floor.  Really?  It is a basic human function, no one should have to wait to goto the restroom.  Get this, I have done a lot of work working in the elementary classroom, and when a student asks me if they can goto the bathroom, I feel just like that student if I have to ask someone to use it especially if the boss is younger than me.

Second, a lot of these jobs have uniforms, as if I am some sort of labeled robot to fit a mold of some corporate environment.  Some are worse than others, but you know what I am talking about.  It is even worse if your working in fast food.  Luckily if I actually get hired, it’s really just a shirt and black pants.

I have applied at a lot of corporate retail environments, and their applications are all the same.  It takes over an hour to do and you would think you’re applying for NASA just to apply for a retail sales position.  For instance, they threw out five or six different disclosures at me to read and agree to.  The two or three different background checks you have to agree to and agree to a drug test.  Then they want to know your addresses you have lived at for the past ten years.  WHAT?  I am going to be on the floor taking care of your animals and selling Petsmart products, not driving a spaceship.  I am shaking my head at all this.

So, if you have not already fallen asleep at this process by now, then you have to fill out five pages of personality tests questions.  You know, they ask you which word fits you best, and how you would respond to each situation in a retail environment.  Don’t forget the which sentence best describes me more, or what would I do if I found an employee making fun of some customers.

What is even funnier, is the process of becoming a substitute teacher was easier than applying for these types of jobs.  Hell, even applying for a job in my field that I went to college for were always easier.  I kid you not.  I guess the bigger the corporate environment, the more tedious the process of applying is.  What have I learned about the corporate environment jobs?  They are full of themselves.

Anyways, I am applying at to all sorts of jobs, not just retail, which I despise the environment in which they treat you like a child really.  Not being able to be choosy at this point, what choice do I really have?  Nothing else has panned out , you  know.  It does not matter what degrees I have or having worked in a school system for the past four years, just need more consistency than subbing since I do not have a long-term job right now.

Other jobs I have applied for are customer service related, office positions, sales in different sectors, some are actually what I went to college for, I have not been in that field for years.  Not sure what will happen with that.  It’s all a crap shoot is the way I see it.  Like going to the casino and putting all your money on red in roulette hoping to get something out of it.  It’s a fifty, fifty chance something will bite.  Will they call for a phone interview, an in person interview?  After the interview, will they call for a second, or hire you?  Do you not get hired?  Then your back at square one.  Friends, I have been through all stages, rejection, acceptation; you name it.  Let me tell you, it’s cumbersome, and it will suck the life out of you after months of it.  No one really enjoys being in limbo with nothing settled.

On the bright side of all this mess, it is getting closer to kayaking again, just waiting for winter to fuck off so my husband can get back to hiking, going to parks, kayaking, gardening, and all the rest of the outdoors stuff we love.  I will leave you with that thought of happiness.



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