Trying something new today……..

As I sit at Starbucks, I have a sign on my computer facing the door saying I am seeking professional employment.  My husband suggested this because there are a lot of people meeting in here for business reasons.  So here I sit.  Never have I done this before, but I do need a different angle, as everything else I have been doing is getting very old and repetitive.  Feels pretty strange doing this though.  Of course , I am not looking to attract weirdos or teenagers looking to make fun of me.  Take it as a social experiment you could say.  Maybe it will be entertaining.

So far , the only thing that has happened is funny looks for a couple of adolescents, and people just noticing the sign on my computer as they walk in.  No bites yet, and I am not sure how long I will keep this going.  Until it gets boring?

All dressed up for the office and nowhere to go but be in Starbucks, write on my blog, apply for jobs online, and feel awkward doing this.  I wonder how many others have tried this same thing?


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