If searching for a friend was like a classified ad…..

IF I were ever to place an add in a paper for a friend, these would be my requirements…..

-You have to have edge.  Please no everything is great all the time, and I smile all day long even in my sleep.  That is not realistic.

-Please do not expect me to drink with you.  My drinking days are behind me and hanging out at bars are not me.

-I am the cut the bullshit, get to the point person.  I like people who are the same.  Bluntness also goes with it.

-Realistic thinker, scientific to be exact.  Fellow atheist but not required.  Please do not ask me to goto church.

-I am more of a guy than a girl.  I do some girly things, but avoid super girly stuff mostly.

-Be not afraid for me to call you on your faults sometimes, as I would expect the same from you.

-Come to me in person if there is a problem, don’t just drop off the face of the planet, that is lame.

-Always looking for a person who is into in-depth , thought-provoking questions and answers in life.  I do not care what your job is, marital status, or if you have children.  Those things are not what define me or others.  I am not much for small talk on the weather, kids, jobs, or your spouse.

-Fellow thrill seeker like I am?  Please apply.  Outdoor activities like camping, hiking, kayaking, roller coasters, sky diving.  You get the idea.

-I may have been in a sorority but I am not in any way your typical sorority girl and often rebelled against their mother hen attitudes.  Too many rules that meant very little in reality.

-Do you call out the elephant in the room?  I am interested in you.  We can have lots of fun.

-Do you make up stories when you people watch out of boredom about the people you are watching?

-Are you a mental health sufferer ?  Particularly Bipolar or ADHD?  I find we make the best of friends.

-Do you despise conformity, unwritten rules, and traditions?  hehehehe

There you have it, I was inspired to write this for the hell of it.  There really was no inspiration.  All about the randomness.


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