All that hoopla, then nothing……..yet.

Here I sit…..waiting.  What am I waiting for?  An answer from the ambiguity of the wait.  The wait to see if you are going to move on to the next step of another interview.  At first, I was freaked out at the prospect of a new job, and a very good one at that.  Most likely because I have been out of work for months and not used to working anymore.  As time went on though after many obsessions of worrying over a new environment, new people and such; I then embraced the idea.  Then, it become exciting, excited with anticipation of getting back to work.  That excitement gave me hope to get back into the work world, and in turn, I felt better about myself.  Better in the terms of hope, confidence, courage, and more.

I was told I would hear from a hiring manager within 48 hours, this was told to me on the afternoon of Friday.  Assuming weekends do not count, it is now Wednesday morning and no call yet.  It sounded like I would hear back either way with whatever direction the company wanted to take.  Last night, I emailed my contact that I have not heard either way and am wondering about a follow-up or something to that effect.  No email back yet.  There should be some sort of law for the poor saps like me who are dying to get back to work and feel productive.  A law that says you cannot draw this process out and have to have communication as to if the person moves on or not.  I really do not like things up in the air or in limbo.

It’s not as if I have stopped applying elsewhere but hey, I am excited over this opportunity.  It’s sort of like getting excited over a present that you think you know what it is , then opening it, and finding it’s a card from your parents that it got stuck in the mail somewhere but it should arrive next week?  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  Not a great feeling for a kid, but you get the idea.

Yesterday, I went hiking for about two hours or so which was awesome and refreshing.  I would have liked someone to accompany me but guess what, everyone is working.  LOL.  That is the problem when your out of work, everyone else or so it seems is working, just another way you feel out of the loop.  Really, I have no idea how to not get excited over a couple of interviews then it is like the dead silence on the other end of the phone line where your saying, “hello……hello……are you there?”

So, here I write as an outlet and for fun.  Any of my readers been in a similar situation?  Care to share?


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