I vent, therefore I am.

Today has been something else.  Today, the frustration and stress of trying to get a job boiled over to tears.  Lots of tears.  Spending four hours today on it and after I just broke down.  I think it’s been two months now I have been able to start looking for a job, but this process feels like your being punched in the gut multiple times.  For all the work I put in, I get very little communication back, or none at all.  Today, I had two rejection emails.  Really trying to not cry again.  I no longer know how to keep myself from getting upset over this over and over.  The day-to-day loneliness is a lot, due to my husband being at work which is where he should be.  I don’t blame him.

I really do not know how people stay positive through all this while there is not much to occupy my mind while trying not to spend money.  The usually things I do at home , I have really beat them dead doing them.  It has gotten old.  Very tired of being home often.  The need to scream out the window comes often.  Wishing something good would come our way.


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