3 interviews later…….

The last two weeks have been very fast and furious.  My father came in from Costa Rica and Nicaragua to visit on a layover for a three days, and then he was off to his next destination.  That is always good to see family.  I have not seen him in about a year and we enjoyed having him.  He brought us some authentic Costa Rican coffee which was very good.  Other than that, I had two in person interviews, and one phone interview.  All for different positions with different companies.  I am looking at having a fourth coming up here for a different position and let me tell you; I am so glad to have some activity in this very tedious job of getting a freaking job.  This is some process I will tell you that much.

One job interview was four hours straight, while five different people interviewed me.  I prepped for that with a full big meal and coffee beforehand and good thing I did.  It takes stamina to get through that.  In the past I have had job interviews where companies have flown me out in a plane to a different state to interview, take personality tests, tours of the company, and that was a whole day process.  Once it is all done, you fly right back home.  That is fun because I see it as an adventure.  I didn’t take those jobs , but fun regardless.

The other two interviews were easy, one was just a short phone screen, and the other was a two-hour ordeal where the guy did most of the talking.  It was very apparent that he enjoys hearing himself talk and by the time I walked away from it all, I knew his work and education history, what his wife does for a living, and what they do for fun.  Not that I cared to know any of it but whatever you have to do to get through the interview.  Where does that leave me now?  Back in limbo and the wait process for decisions or move further on down the assembly line of getting a job.  Right now, things have slowed down and are boring again.  Story of my life.

On the bright side, we are getting closer to our concerts we will be attending this summer.  July 3rd, Def Leppard, Styx, and Tesla.  July 20th, the Eagles, and August 26th, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper.  That last one I am the most pumped about because their music has soul, makes you move, and is very lively.  Exactly what I look for in music.  I am not one for sappy, slow, depressing stuff.  My guitar playing comes out with that stuff too.  Recently I got the sheet music for a GodSmack song that is really intense and fun to play.  I almost shredded two fingers on the strings trying to keep up.

I am hoping for things to speed up and start working.  Patience is a virtue and I don’t have much of it in this subject matter.  My train of thought is to do things the most efficient and logistically correct way in my personal and work life and when I see people doing it otherwise, I am quick to notice.  Often in a work setting , I see employees dragging their feet, or beating around the bush and immediately formulate a plan on how it can be done better.  Then I question what the hell are they doing?  lol  Perhaps I just need to listen to Guns N Roses Patience a few times over and over.

Overall, I will soldier on, knocking on more doors for employment with the persistence.  Thank you Vyvanse.


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