The morning routine that I inhabit, and one that no one shall disrupt.

I have this morning routine that cannot be interrupted.  One even that I carry while traveling or staying at a family members house or hotel.  It goes as follows:  I wake anywhere between 6:30-7:30am.  My meds are taken, and then coffee is made.  Once it is made, I sit at my computer and drink the coffee.  Do not ask me to do anything until my coffee is drank and the Vyvanse starts working.  Before that point, I am in my own world of still waking up.  Usually am moody and do not want to be disturbed.  You can compare that to the little sign people put outside their hotel door, “do not disturb.”

I am in slow motion, uncaring, and unmotivated for anything.  Once the coffee and meds kick in , I will slowly start any morning chores that need to be dealt with, business calls, and do any errands after breakfast.  Oh yes, breakfast.  I never feel like eating until about two hours after I wake.  It seems like the largest chore to fix anything to eat right away.  I have felt this way as far back as I can remember which is elementary school.  Getting up in the morning is the biggest chore ever and I have always felt that way since a little child.  Why?  It must be the wiring in my brain.

An example of someone trying to deviate from my routine:  My father.  He flew in from Costa Rica to visit from the end of a vacation from there and Nicaragua.  He has the luxury in retirement of visiting countries for a month at a time throughout the year and exploring them.  Anyways, he flies in and we put him up here.  The first morning, he asks to goto Panera Bread first thing in the morning.  I think to myself, well I could get ready without sitting for an hour without my coffee and drink coffee there.  That means I have to navigate traffic and deal with a crowd of people first thing in the morning.  Bleh.  He could tell by my body language I was not game and asked why I felt grumpy.  I tell him until my coffee is in and my meds are in for about an hour, this is me in the morning time.  The real world is too much of a chore until then.  This is my routine.  Alas, I deviated to make him happy , so getting ready was hard without my routine.  Perhaps that is the OCD diagnosis in me?

Once at Panera, battling the crowds and long lines, and FINALLY sitting down to my coffee and vegging until morning felt bearable to me, I felt normal.  He immediately notices the difference in my affect.  Then I tell him, this is me through the morning and my routine.  It’s not you dad, not you at all, this is just me.  My dad is a morning person, I have never been a morning person even if I do awake early.  It is really amusing because when my dad see’s you might not be interested in what he wants to do or talk about , he is so disappointed.  He gets stuck on miscellaneous information of knowledge that he finds so fascinating, most of it is not fascinating to me.  Regardless, I still talk about it because I care about it him and see he enjoys it.

If my husband are staying in a hotel for instance, I tell him, nothing happens until I have had my coffee and I can sit for about an hour with it.  He will make the coffee or go downstairs and bring it up for me.  You know, we all have our quirks and I do not feel it is asking for a lot; ask I entertain his own quirks as well.  Same goes for if we are staying with family out-of-state, they ask what do we want in the morning, coffee and has to be dark and not taste like water.  hahaha.  The darker , the better.  Thank you for making my stay a happy place.

If I do not have this routine, I do not seem to move on with my day until it happens.  It is set in stone, unmovable by a bulldozer, and do not get in the way of it; or you might face my wrath.  I enjoy it every morning and look forward to it.  Sometimes the morning takes even longer to wake up if my allergies are acting up and I wake up with a headache due to sinuses plugged up.  Within ten minutes of facing upward, it all clears out.  Before my endoscopic sinus surgeries , two of them, and big ones at that; I used to live with major problems where every morning I spent three hours blowing my nose.  Couple that with about seven sinus infections every year, that were severe, and lots of lost work time due to infections turning into respiratory infections and affecting my asthma; yes you get the idea of that hell.  Thank you to my specialist who roto-rooted my sinus cavities from years of inflammation, carved me out like a pumpkin, removed polyps, and carved out a natural grown narrowing in one cavity.  Now, my life is 110% better and now only getting maybe one sinus infection a year if that.  I spent many years of being sick often before those surgeries.  Thank God for great health insurance.

Now that I went off on that rant, let’s get back to my morning routine.  We all have it.  Some people are just naturally wired to wake up and take on the world, goto the gym at five am, then eat and shower, and goto work.  Hooray for your happy ass.  That is not me nor will it ever be.


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