A strange thought, when the lack of worries cease.

Something I have noticed since I no longer have the worry of trying to find a job or the other complicated worries associated; what do I do with my mind?  The strangest feeling is I am not used to not worrying about something and just being.  Just being in the moment.  Guess I have gotten so used to either worrying about being jobless, or in the past when my mother was ill for many years and all the negativity that went with that; I became numb but it was in the back of my mind?  It’s almost like I am uncomfortable with the void of no worries?  Does that even make sense?  Anyone else out there who has experienced this?

So here I sit, trying to get used to the fact I am no longer jobless, do not have to go through the boredom or tedious work of it, and starting a new job soon here.  Then I think what do I do with myself now?  It sure doesn’t feel normal.  Not really sure when I will get used to it.

Someone’s advice to me was to enjoy it.  I guess I am just used to always worrying about something big in life always going on and became accustomed.  So, I will try to take that on and enjoy knowing I have a career job, making money, having a structure, more balance, and it keeping my mind occupied.


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