I am still here, five months later.

Well there.  Hello again.  It has been a long time hasn’t it?

Where do I start?  I have been working full-time and the job is good and well.  The job has alleviated depression and like symptoms that go with it.  Having the daily agenda forcing you out to work has done wonders I do have to admit.  My psychiatrist and psychologist have nothing but positive things to say about my progress and I am even down to only seeing my psychiatrist once every three months.  It has been a long time since I have had those frequencies.  They are very pleased.

My job is a career earning type job that does have a lot of benefits which I do appreciate.  I did not need the health benefits due to being on my husbands but I did take advantage of the 401 K, long-term and short-term disability, (I do not have to pay for that) and there is an EAP if I would like to use it.  The people are all very nice and pleasant to be around.  There was one person to the exception to that, but that person was disciplined by human resources in a drawn out process and now seems to have been able to behave.

Sometimes I do not want to go, or am bored, or don’t want to be around the people there; it comes and goes.  There have been times I have felt lonely and just wanted to go home, but somehow I toughed it out.  I find that I am best when work can keep me busy throughout the day, which hasn’t been already the case.  I think my boss sensed that I can blow through my case load and recently gave me more responsibilities; which has been positive.

I do have to wonder about others at work who display un professional behavior in front of others, and they are really just embarrassing themselves, and given my diagnosis’, I can tell I have better emotional self-regulation.  Of course, I do not know their personal background or story, so you could say  it is unfair to judge.  I do not say anything of my observations to anyone but the thoughts do come.

With a second income coming in next to my husbands, we are far better off in that category which alleviates stress.  Another positive.  My husband tells me the positive changes in my overall personality over these past five months since I have been working.  That is three people who have noticed the change in my day-to-day moods.  My doctor was right, working full-time did do wonders for me, and I feel it.

Aside from working, we have been to three great concerts, one vacation, doing our gardening, hiking, and everyday things.  My husband says that happier I am, the happier he is as I rub off on him.  It makes perfect sense, I get it.

That is all I have to say on this general synopsis, and will be writing more.


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