It would seem being bipolar and OCD got the best of me in a bad work environment.

I recently quit my job on the spur of the moment, rashly, and during panic, without thinking about long term consequences.  Due to this, I loose my pay check, my husband upset with me, and back to looking for work.  While the things about my husband and the paycheck thing bother me and I grieve over that, otherwise I feel much better emotionally.  I was miserable there.  Let me tell you why.  \

I have never done well with co-workers with certain personalities that are harsh, mean, brass, bossy, bully, what have you .  I went through that with a couple people at work for three months.  I lasted five months, and on Monday, I was done, tired of it, the back and forth of said co-worker that I had to work closely with: this person never stayed professional or nice, she just went back and forth.  I couldn’t ride that roller coaster.  Despite management and HR saying they fixed her, she never stayed professional.  Just a roller coaster.  I lost patience and stopped caring about the job.  On top of it, my boss started calling me baby which I see highly unprofessional and asked him to only call me by my name.  Two weeks ago later, I got written up for it saying sources confirmed he did not.  I had never been written up for any job ever.  That was devastating.  When I asked HR for help, they helped at first, then thought I was pushing the issue too much and wrote me up for that.  I tried, stuck it out, keep trying, but my emotional health deteriorated, affecting myself personally and physically.  It would not go away, and I gave up and left.  All I wanted was the pain to stop.

The plan was to find another job then leave with notice between my husband and I .  I deviated from that plan and he is not upset with me and felt blind-sighted by my news.  He has a valid point, and I understand.  His feelings are hurt because the decision we made together, I changed it without warning, and he does not agree with the way I did things.  That is ok.  I accept responsibility for my actions, and choices, which I have to live with .  At the same time, I have already got back into subbing, and volunteering as of today, so something is better than nothing.  I refuse to not move on and pick up the pieces and move on.  I have bounced back everytime I have had a downfall in life and from much worse.  He says he has lost faith in my working abilities and he is entitled to that opinion, guess it will take time for him to get over it.

Meanwhile , I am working with my therapist on how to address my weaknesses as well as my diagnosis’s and how they are affected with triggers.  All I knew was I saw my mental health being affected far too much, and I quickly left.

Anyone else out there been through something similar?


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