How does one survive a crisis?

I am an extrovert.  Full blown, no in between.  Not to say I don’t want my quiet moments or down time.  There was a defining moment in my life between fifth and sixth grade where I went from being a super shy young girl to deciding that I wanted to no longer be scared of my own shadow, and from there on out, it all changed.  I often wonder if anyone else has those moments where they want to change their personality?

When problems arise emotionally from situational stresses, the way I deal with them involves a journal, music, obsessing, acting impulsively, talking a lot to loved ones, and of course therapy.  The biggest ally is therapy.  The unbiased, outside opinion that is trained professionally to deal with a mind like mine rules all above any other friend or family member.  Sometimes my OCD gets so strange, that I have no idea what thought to trust anymore.  My therapist is the only one who can differentiate between what is the OCD and what is rational.  Thank God for her.

I have found that when I talk to friends, and then talk to my therapist, my friends advice was not best often, and that the professional wins out.  You can talk to as many people as you want, but when your bipolar, they don’t understand the way your mind works, so they can actually steer you wrong if you let them.  I have gotten burned that way several times.

Exercise is something else that helps with nervous energy.  Especially with music at the same time.  I try to get sixty minutes of cardio daily, and with that, my mood is a lot better.

So say you, how do my readers deal with stress?


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