What I want out of a marriage.

I have had a very rough last three months and I will save the detailed story of it because I don’t want to rehash.  During this time period, I have rediscovered what is important to me in a marriage and things I need to be in one.

Transparency:  Honesty, commitment, doing what you say you will do, and your actions to follow.

Emotional intimacy:  Being open with feelings in a timely manner, not afraid to tell me what is on your mind even if it might be something that might be hard to hear.  The ability to maturely execute conflict resolution in a timely manner.  Connecting on many levels.  Realizing that clamming up and ignoring problems only makes them worse and bigger.  Overall, assertiveness in sharing your feelings.

Sexual intimacy and a healthy amount.  Attentive to my needs.

The ability to compromise, recognize my feelings even if you don’t agree.

No emotional or physical affairs.

Appreciating, believing in me, being my best friend, having my best interests and good will towards me.  Being there for me in times of crisis or medical problems.

Trust.  That comes with words and actions to back up on a consistent basis.

I am sure there is more that I could add to this, but I feel what I would like is not asking for too much and what anyone would want in a marriage.




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