Today is that type of day.

Woke up today sick.  The feeling of a cold/sinus problem.  After a few hours of blowing my nose, it stopped and now I feel hung over from it, so I did not take a sub assignment considering the way my head feels and my ears are ringing.

Then I find my debit card is subject to fraudulent activity so had to shut that down and order a new one.  Some other financial news that didn’t please me came along.  Put my grad app in fully the last two days and have hit a snag, hopefully my meeting with someone at the college on Wednesday will solve it.

Keeping busy so far with stuff I can do from home, but it is still boring, not being around other people.

Of course, things between my husband and I are the same, no more progress since I last wrote.  There has definitely been progress in the last three months.  Decided that I spend too much time trying to figure out why he does or say things and what it means.  Tired of doing it and tired of caring.  Easier said than done because we are married and going through a difficult time.

Anyone out there have any advice about how to cope while going through marriage difficulties?


7 thoughts on “Today is that type of day.

  1. slutsandsoulmates

    How to cope when dealing with marriage problems. You need to find someone to talk with, either a professional counselor or good friend that will listen to you and allow you to vent, then give you some perspective.


  2. So bad that you are sick, I hope that you get well soon. As to marriage advice, I’ve been married for 30 years, and I think that I have gotten better at it with age. I’m not really good at giving advice, specially marriage. I hope you guys work it out.

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