I did it all by myself.

Sounds like something a kindergarten child would say right?  Ha.  Well I did do it by myself.  In the last 6 months, I brought myself up from a major negative life change and made the best of it.  Without going into the details of that, I will tell you what I did and what I learned.

I learned that even if you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel in the initial onset of changes, doesn’t mean you won’t see it down the road.  I learned patience to let emotions run their course and wait to respond to a situation once you have calmed down.  I learned why it is important to do that and how you benefit from it.  I learned that even a very bad situation happening can turn into a learning experience and mold you into a better person than you were before.  What initially seemed like the end of the world, really was not at all.  Just had to get through the initial shock and anger and get those feelings out in a healthy manner.  My resilience factor is high and confidence level higher.  Relying on myself and no one else  grew me as a person.  There was definitely support of friends and family but I did it on my own,  therefore I am proud of myself.  Goals have been accomplished and more are on the docket.

Working, gardening, exercising, reading, my cats, hiking, and general nature are my tools to fight stress; and fight stress they did.  Here is to positivity.


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