boredom and depression

The last couple weeks or so have been challenging.  I went from working full time and doing two online grad classes to it all ending at the same time.  I had a week off for family to come visit and it extended into two weeks.  My routines got all mixed up, and when there was down time which seemed like too much, I felt depression creeping in.  On top of that, my patience level went down, irritability went up, seemed like I had too many triggers, and you get the idea.  It was very challenging and I upped my sessions with my therapist.  She said due to my OCD, I don’t do well with too much down time, a lack of routine or schedule, and because it budges my emotions.  Sigh.  I tried to stay as busy as possible but sometimes I would run out of things to do.  TV doesn’t count, I can only stand about an hour , maybe two a day.  It just isn’t stimulating enough.  Some people can sit in front of a TV all day and that amazes me, because I feel like there is no stimulation to it generally.

Other than trying to stay busy, I exercised and doubled up my exercise due to new external stimuli.  That helped in many ways and I tried to recruit my guests to do it but they were not as gun-ho as I.  I find my OCD has a new obsession, it is the question of wondering when the boredom will return and feeling anxiety over that.  My therapist says I will be much better once I get back to work, because I will be kept busy all day.  Of course, if I were rich, I would have the money to keep myself busy all day everyday, and there would be no problem.

Anyone else run into this?


2 thoughts on “boredom and depression

  1. I find when I start getting depressed I don’t have the motivation to really do anything and then I get bored and then I get more depressed that I’m bored but don’t feel able to change it. I guess eventually I just break the cycle and I suppose that should happen for you too when you go back to work. I don’t really think there’s an easy answer or solution unfortunately 😕


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