mini panic attack

Well feel like I am living in fear of my anxiety coming back because of no structure to my day or job yet, do not have enough to do to keep busy.  Then I am left with my thoughts and that is where it goes bad.  As soon as I am not busy or run out of things to do, my mind becomes the devil’s playground.  Does not matter if I did housework, went and exercised this morning, made conversation with people out exercising, made lunch, it is still there.  I finally just broke down and cried because I could not stand it anymore.  Wish I could just sit and watch TV and not obsess.  Just trying to be calm when there is too much downtime seems impossible for me.  grrrrr


3 thoughts on “mini panic attack

  1. Ik how it feels 😣 maybe try making day plans or something? Even if it’s just stuff like going for a walk sometimes writing it down helps give you some structure? Hope you feel better soon x


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