needed to vent……anyone feeling the same?

Well just when I was feeling better, here we are in week one of school and of course no sub jobs have come in, no surprise.  Now it is the waiting game.  Unfortunately for me, I miss the social interaction that a job gives you day to day and am used to it.  Therefore, enter anxiety, and loneliness , and too much OCD worrying.  I am looking into volunteer work where I can do four hours worth daily until work picks up again.  So far, I am not finding something I can get into right away due to places only recruiting for volunteers only twice a year type thing.  I was told by my psychiatrist that me not having structure to my day and no job is very bad for my ocd and bipolar and I see exactly why.  I do have my third grad class I am taking but that only takes up two to three hours a day of work, need more than just that.  Just knowing I have somewhere to go for a full work day settles my nerves completely.  For my sanity, I need to lock into something asap to give my day structure.  I thrive on a regular structure and social interaction from it.


Anyone out there currently without a job dealing with this issue right now?


2 thoughts on “needed to vent……anyone feeling the same?

  1. foreverchanged2014

    My business is really slow so I’m dealing with a lot of anxiety, depression and loneliness as well. Everyone else in my household is busy working and going to school so I’m left alone to take care of the house, work when I can and slowly go out of my mind with all the other things I should be doing. Sorry you’re feeling like this as well. Hopefully it will get better for us both.


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