And the daily routine occurs again.

For the last two weeks, I have had a mood change that happens around lunch time everyday.  I go from feeling good in the morning and motivated.  I get things done and feel good about it.  Then around lunch, I feel the opposite and overwhelmed by anxiety or obsessive thoughts.  I am wondering if I am suffering from depression where currently, I am not motivated to socialize, or do anymore of anything?  Even my daily morning walks for exercise seem like a drag and boring.  I am experiencing loss of interest in activities, and feeling like fixing meals, brushing my teeth, and showering is a chore?  Other things I have to consider is that I am not in a regular job which is bad for my ocd in that substitute teaching is sporadic and that you never get used to any place or get to know anyone.  For three days I have had this goal of making a resume because I lost my flashdrive but doing it seems like I need to move a mountain to get the motivation to do it.  Therefore, everyday I aim to do it but don’t.  I thought maybe my Vyvanse just does not really work after say 1pm and does not extend to the 12 hours it says it will last.

Anyone else going through something similar?


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