I know what I need to do…..

I know what I need to do and get done but the motivation isn’t there first thing in the morning, or even an hour after I wake up.  I can sit and obsess over what I need to do, feel guilty for not doing it and then spend the next hour trying to muster up the ambition to do it.  It’s like my mind says I am plain out not interested in starting the day whatever that entails.  Trying to change it’s mind is like moving a boulder with your bare hands.  It’s hard to get into a routine when your substitute teaching, you never know when there will be a job or not until early the morning of when all the teachers decide to call out last minute.  It is hard to plan on that type of crap shoot.  I have a lead on a long term sub job but am waiting to hear back on the next step which is really hard to wait on.  I don’t do well with things up in the air and ambiguity.  Anyone else experience the no desire to get going in the morning and do what you need to do?


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