Need suggestions…

If your bipolar and are looking for work and taking college courses, how do you deal with the fluctuations of moods that happen a couple times a day that derail your day a lot?  Lately, it seems like daily I cannot keep motivation and hope to last all day.  It only comes in the morning time about an hour after getting up, and late afternoon?  This has been going on for two weeks or so.  Also, does anyone notice whenever they get hungry, it sends you into a depressive episode due to low blood sugar?


6 thoughts on “Need suggestions…

  1. Yeah — I find, often, that if I get the right amount of sleep I can spring outta bed ready to take on all sorts of projects. Then a few hours later I slump and just wanna laze around. Then again in the afternoon I am suddenly firing on all cylinders again. By the time I get home, it’s laze-ville again. Up and down throughout the day, that’s my normal. At least for now it is.

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  2. I don’t notice being more de0ressed when I’m hungry, but I do know how difficult it is to go to school and work abd be bipolar. I had to drop down to part time. It’s taken a lot but Ive accepted it will take me longer than most to gey a degree. What’s really helping this semester is I went to disability services and got a flex schedule and a mentor to help keep me on track. Having a counselor at the college itself helps a lot, too.

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      1. I’ve been struggling with motivation for work, it helps to have someone tell you it’s only temporary and the pay off is worth it. It can make a big difference, even if you have to ask your parents or sig other ot friends for it. I hope you are able to find something to make it easier!

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