I made it through the day

Somehow , some way, I made it through the day despite all the anxiety that I had had the day before.  I was incredibly apprehensive to go in at all, super nervous.  Then after I drank my coffee, it must have been too strong because I had gas all day uncomfortably even after a diet coke.  I feel like I moved two mountains trying to get through my day with the anxiety I have.  Also, I feel so astounded that my classes went better than how the two classes went on Friday.  Friday was such a bad day for those classes.  It was a confidence booster that I survived even despite spending the whole day mostly on Sunday worrying and dreading going back.  Actually sitting in shock that I did it.


9 thoughts on “I made it through the day

      1. OK but remember you asked.

        I really need a new job, but right now I answer phones in a call center. The anxiety is when the system crashes, when there are too many calls rollling in all at once, and when the boss wants me to improve my metrics as if I had control of what kind and how many calls come in. And makes excuses for underpaying me. And home life, family crises, teen kids, Mrs M, aging parents and in-laws, church, my own self-critical spirit, volunteer work, organizing projects .. So, the short answer is LIFE gives me anxiety, and the new med improves the experience by amplifying it.

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      2. thanks. I had a quick stress asthma attack tonight, that’s always fun, but they usually pass quickly, as this one did. I like breathing wayy too much to quit doing that. I have a followup this week with the doctor, we’ll discuss things.


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