This day sucked…

So my day at work went well until my last two classes.  They were awful behavior wise and wore me out.  Things are not getting better at work, my anxiety grows, I feel burned out at the end of the day and do not feel like doing anything.  I always have the goal of doing something productive, but depression sets in with anxiety.  Called my doctors office to see if there was something they could do but had to leave a message.  My doctor is out of town and hopefully someone is covering for him?  Hoping I get a call tomorrow, fighting this anxiety on my own is not working.  Trying to stay positive doesn’t cut it.  Laying on the couch right now waiting for my dinner to digest so my blood sugar adjusts.  Sometimes I do not feel like doing my job or up for the job of teaching, do not really want to run the show.  Anxiety is getting in the way.  Told my boss of all the problems in certain classes, and said I am giving consequences consistently, but things are not getting better.  Trying my best does not seem to be alleviating the stress at work.  I do much better on the weekends, and I feel like I need a mental health day in the middle of each work week.  I had a goal that I would clean up the kitchen after work, but so far I just can’t bring myself to do it.


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