buspar and more

I saw my psychiatrist and he gave me buspar to try, and recommended I leave the job.  I had a much better day today than yesterday but my boss texted me asking how I was and like a ptsd episode, I felt all worked up again.  The thought of going back there creates dread and panic.  One hour at at a time is how I feel right now.  Before that text, I was feeling mostly normal.  This sucks.


5 thoughts on “buspar and more

  1. I encounter this same reaction whenever one of my parents (my abusers) try to get a hold of me through text, call, or email. I am fine and have been fine between each encounter but as soon as they reach out…boom…the anxiety returns and I panic. You are not alone. I am so sorry you have these circumstances. Listen to your gut. Maybe it’s time to walk away. I did.

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  2. It’s hard to accept our limitations. If this is one of yours there is no shame in it. You wouldn’t go to work if you had a throwing up disorder that was triggered by being there. There would be no question. Just a thought.

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