So now this…

  • Last two days I have been not interested in doing a lot.  I left my horrendous stressful job on Friday.  Now I am no longer having diarrhea.  Also, I do not feel my heart pounding.  But I have seemed to have developed some ptsd according to my therapist in relation to my last job.  I can always go back to short term subbing which there are lots of available assignments.  Lately, I feel like I need to stay in my safe zone at home.  I started feeling this way in the last week and a half at work.  Now I am feeling like afraid to be away from my husband.  This sucks!  Did somethings today but none of it was particularly exciting.  Had a goal to goto the gym, my dad got me a membership , he insisted.  Now I have a new worry that I will not use it enough which is my past track record.  Right now, I do not want to do anything but blog, read, cuddle my cats, and watch tv.  I don’t seem interested in going to work, or the gym even though the sauna is alluring.  Anyone deal with ptsd?

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      1. Sometimes it is intense. I tell myself I don’t have to WANT to leave the house in order to leave the house, and just make myself do it. I will also give myself rewards for leaving the house. Like if I have to go to the store and I’m having a really hard time with it, I will stop by the drive thru and get an ice cream or coffee treat on the way home afterwards. It helps motivate me to go to know something enjoyable will come out if it.

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  1. I agree with Jessica. I’m dealing with complex PTSD and any negative event can trigger a panic attack or push me back a bit.
    I too am trying to do what needs to be done despite not wanting to. However sometimes I let myself indulge in what I want to… that then pushes me into doing the things I need to. It’s very difficult to indulge healthily. So good luck. And yes, treating yourself helps. I stopped food treats due to thyroid weight gain but I still go enjoy something that gives me joy. Maybe marathon Netflix for a night. Something. Again… I try not to let that become unhealthy. Been difficult without help or therapy or medication. Hence repeated failures. But I’ll get there.
    So will you. Baby steps 🙂 good luck…

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