A better day mostly…

Well, after I had one cup of coffee and my meds, I felt the vyvanse kick in and felt motivated and happy.  That carried through cleaning the kitchen, showering, eating at IHOP with my husband, and actually going to the gym.  Although, I seemed to have a lot of impatience with being there and wanted it to be over.  Plus I got hungry while on the treadmill.  I was happy that I accomplished these things today even if the gym; had to drag myself there.  Having the feelings creep back of being alone while my husband is at work, and not wanting to goto do sub jobs.  What I don’t get is after I take my vyvanse and coffee in the morning, I get very motivated to do what I need to do and feel happier, but then by 1pm that sort of wears off.  Why?  Hate the feeling of being afraid to leave the house , getting anything done, or being left alone with my feelings.  Grrrrr.  Ok, anyone take wellbutrin and did you experience side effects of sleep problems and anxiety?  Second, what did  you do to conquer the afraid type feelings of the upcoming week or day or just leaving the house?


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