Anyone have a bad experience with this drug and stopped it?


12 thoughts on “Wellbutrin

  1. I’ve been on it for ages without any side effects but I do have anxiety once in a while. In fact I asked my doctor for an Ativan refill today and she remarked that, while Wellbutrin is good, it can trigger a little anxiety or jitters. So there’s that for whatever it’s worth.

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      1. I was just about to comment on your newer post asking about Ativan. It does not make me depressed. It does totally calm me down and I feel very stoned and content. And I can’t walk straight when I’m on it. I love it and could easily get addicted. This is with 1mg and I’m a pretty big girl so YMMV.

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      2. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, even within families. I can take the same dose of Xanax but a quarter dose makes my mom a sleepy zombie. Maybe ask the doc if there’s something else you can try. Xanax and ativan feel different to me so maybe xanax would work better? Unless you’ve tried that.

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  2. I have a prescription for Wellbutrin but I don’t take it. Wellbutrin’s chemistry is similar to amphetamine which is why its so stimulating. While it’s chemistry is similar it doesn’t have the addicting potential of amphetamine. I have a PRN fro Ativan that I carry with me for panic attacks but after I stopped the Wellbutrin the panic attacks decreased.

    I don’t take the Ativan unless I have to.

    Xanax is sometimes called powdered alcohol because it’s quick acting and affects the same areas of the brain.

    All benzodiazepines are potentially addicting with long term use and should never be stopped cold.

    If you take Xanax be aware of the fact that of all of the benzodiazepines Xanax is the most addicting.


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