Todays progress…

Well the morning went well until my hypoglycemia kicked in and I ate some oatmeal, and yougurt.  That did not do the trick, but I had already gotten on the road to see a friend an hour and 20 minutes away.  On the way there, I felt worse and by the  time I got there, I had to eat right away.  Once I ate , my blood sugar came back.  Stayed a few hours, but wanted to go home and be in the comfort of my home.  Still enjoyed seeing a friend that I have not seen in over a year.  Proud that I got out and did it though!  Was happy to go home and see my cats.  Saw the doctor again and explained what I thought was going on with the wellbutrin and he agreed to take me off of it.  Told me to stop taking the second dose starting today then by next Monday, stop taking it altogether.  Also, he gave me ativan for immediate relief.  I asked because buspar won’t start working til 3 weeks from now.  Today was better than yesterday so that is a plus and I went a couple places, more progress.


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