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Why is it that I feel like I am scared to goto work at a new job and that seems terrifying and a better idea sounds like finding a work from home job instead?  Mind you this only started after quitting my job last week that was super stressful and bad behaviors rampantly of kids.  Never in my life have I felt this way about a job.  Never been scared to go or dreaded it.  Anyone else been through this or knows why this happens?  I can go do errands and medical appointments plus the gym.  What gives?

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      1. anxiety and paranoia…I felt like my colleagues could sense that I had bipolar and it just led to an increase in anxiety and I finally broke…I think I’m finally ready to go back to work, I just need to convince myself of it and take the leap.


      2. I see her every two weeks and she gives me tasks/assignments to complete. For example, by next Thursday when I see her again. I am to spend a full 8 hours in a work type environment. Where I live the are public work space developments…have you ever heard of WeWork? there is something very similar where I live and being that I am also currently in school, I’ll actually have something to work on while there…so she wants me to have a simulated work environment to decrease anxiety …prior to this she’s had me go to public places and ride public transit, both of which I have completed. Took me awhile…a lot of patience but trying many times, I was able to complete.

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    My sentiments exactly. I hope you haven’t experienced negative feedback from a loved one and/or friends who are quick to point it out …”well you can go to the doctor so why can’t you go to _____ ” insert various terms in the blank …It’s like some people believe we purposely do this…that we purposely don’t want to be normal and contribute to society to fulfill our own happiness.

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  2. The more people I have to deal with the more difficulty I have functioning. For example, I do poorly in large crowds, working with lots of individuals, socializing in big groups. The unpredictability of the dynamics of a large group of people is too much for me to deal with on a comfortable level. In other words, it makes me panic.

    I’ve changed to a smaller support group, turned down going to countless parties, gave up grocery shopping, have solitary hobbies or ones that may involve one or two other people, go to a different church service, quit my job.

    I’ve learned to accept my limitations and make the necessary adjustments to keep myself from suffering needlessly. I spent too many years ignoring my pain and trying to be “normal”, refusing to modify my activities based on the cues my body and mind were giving me (I.e., stress, panic, anxiety, depression, physical pain, ) until it was too late (suicide attempt).

    Now, I know, I cannot change myself – I have bipolar. I have these limits. Some people don’t even though they have bipolar too. I am not one of those people. But I quit trying to change ME and started changing the things around me to better support me and it’s made all the difference in keeping me healthier. Hope all this made sense.

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