Why the morning panic?

So since I left my job and two days before that, I wake up and a minute later I panic.  It is consuming and sort of like I freeze.  I think how will I work if I have this every morning and it does not go away til my vyvanse and coffee kicks in?  Then I feel confident and great.  So every morning , it is the same routine.  How in the hell am I going to work a freaking job if I feel this way every morning with what if questions?  When it happens, I want to hide for the day or ignore the world.  It seems very difficult to goto a job everyday if I have this morning reoccurence.  Today, I put my headphones on and listened to a mindfulness meditation for twenty minutes which helped mostly, and I got up for coffee.  Anyone else go through this?


12 thoughts on “Why the morning panic?

  1. Preslee

    I used to do this a lot. When I get into a job, I start finding reasons to stay home, like panic attacks. I would start having them right before time to go to work, and I would be so upset that I wouldn’t be able to go in. I’ve had to change to several different jobs over the past two years. Sometimes, you have to find a job that the stress level will work with what you can tolerate, which isn’t easy. Are you taking any medications at night? I know I do, and usually that helps with the panic in the mornings. I also have prn medication to help.

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    1. I take trazadone for sleep at night. On other meds for other reasons. See just did a long term sub job that messed with me bad and the anxiety became paralyzing and quit. This upcoming job interview is for a non stressful job like a tutor in the school system. I have done it before and it was not stressful.

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      1. Preslee

        Sometimes, people don’t respond well to wellbutrin. Sometimes it takes more than 2 full weeks for it to have a positive effect. There are other medications out there that work as enhancers to anti depressants.

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      2. Preslee

        Yea, some people don’t. It’s not for everyone. My mom tried it and it didn’t help her at all. You could talk to your doctor. Simply start the conversation by saying this isn’t helping me. And see what other options are out there for you. You have to advocate for yourself. No one knows you like you.


      1. For me it’s very much situational. Like when I was going through something really stressful at work I’d wake up panicking. It didn’t get better until I quit that job. Now it’s all related to my divorce and uncertainty around that. I find that relaxation techniques help. For example, touching things and saying the object’s name out loud helps refocus my mind. I can do it silently and it helps. Just picture the room and each object in it and say its name in my head. Also, just getting my ass out of bed and focusing on showering, podcasts, morning news, etc seems to help. Redirection of my thoughts.

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