Here is my attempt

I went to the gym, did some cardio, then the sauna.  I tried to convince myself to join a yoga class, but that didn’t work out.  It felt ok to be on the treadmill and of course liked the sauna.  I am feeling the anxiety come back as it concerns going to new places and I am trying to fend that off.  I changed my interview to Tuesday because it seemed sooo intimidating and scary.  Doesn’t solve the problem but maybe if I work on myself until then, perhaps I will be better was my rationalization.  I have random thoughts of telling myself to fight and random thoughts of feeling like this will pass and get better.  Does not help being home alone but that cannot be helped, my husband does work.  I am trying to continue to find inspiration for something to distract me.  My newest theory of being nervous to goto something new is that maybe my ptsd has acted up and now I associate schools with scary places?  Because my last job was a bad experience.  I don’t know.


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