What is inspiration?

I often think I have lost this lately.  The job interview, and going to the gym seem very uninteresting.  I tried to reschedule it because I am just not interested?  Today, I am trying to find inspiration to wake up to and want to get out of bed and look forward to.  Right now, the only thing that inspires me is to get through my masters degree to be a guidance counselor in a high school.  I think the depression is hindering my ability to want to goto work, or clean the kitchen, do the daily activities that just need to get done.  Right now the only thing that interests me is doing things with my husband, watching animal planet, blogging, and watching cat videos.  Yeah, that might sound lame but strangely that is how I feel.  At least the anxiety went away and now it just feels like depression.  Ever feel like your suddenly just not interested in work and it seems like a drag to go because your not inspired or interested by it?  Ever feel like you need to get a jolt into your body of new inspiration to snap out of a depression?  This is how I feel.  For instance, I would love to work with a cat website promoting cat adoption and cat related stuff.  I am a cat fanatic and animal lover.  This subject is always of interest to me and is a great distraction from depression.  In depression, ever feel like just watching shows you want to , drinking coffee and blogging and being content to do that?  I am so there.  My mission to find what will snap me out of this depression is my focus now.


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