This may seem small

Woke up not wanting to get out of bed, no surprise there.  Did not want to face another day of symptoms.  Got out anyways, took my meds but added a half an ativan with it.  The combo with my vyvanse seems to give me a calm yet motivated effect.  I actually felt motivated to take a shower!  I hadn’t in two days and my mind kept telling me to do so but you know depression.  So I took the shower and felt so much better that I just did it and accomplished it!  I fed the cats, and the fish and felt accomplished there too!  Although I never neglect them anyways.  I feel so good just to accomplish these things, it is wonderful.  My next goal is to clean the kitchen fully, and then move on to my grad class work which I neglected yesterday due to a bad day.  Just wanted to be able to share my small victories with someone.


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