god damnit

Panic came around noon or so today and I tried to keep busy but nothing interests me past what I did.  I went to the garden, did some things at home, but being alone seems to drive my panic up.  Did a bunch of cardio and two sessions of mindfulness which helped for the time being but now I feel like just curling up into a ball.  I just need to be around someone friendly physically and I think I will be ok.  Any suggestions on what to do when you feel like hiding because of panic?  I am getting so sick of feeling this way when I am home alone and now dreading the start of my new job tomorrow, sometimes I feel like it will never go away.  Trying not to take ativan again because I want to be able to do it on my own.  I wish I had family that lived in our county and not in another state.  Please leave any suggestions of what ou do when it strikes and you feel frozen and want to hide.


2 thoughts on “god damnit

  1. growthspurt

    I usually try to watch something funny.
    Or something super dramatic, where I can get lost in other people’s sucky lives, lol.
    Or call a close family member, and let them know how I’m feeling.

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