Today’s progress

Well woke up with the panic of not wanting to get out of bed because today is the day before my first day of work, then I told myself, get up, feed the cats and fish, get meds in and coffee then breakfast.  Once I did all that, I feel much better.  Hopefully when I get up earlier tomorrow for work, all that will kick in in time before I have to go out the door.  I cannot be afraid to goto work, I cannot live like this in this fear that is irrational.  That is all it is, irrational.  There is no basis or reason I should feel scared to go?  So I will fight and fight hard to reclaim me and be productive.  I deserve to not live in fear.  The ativan and vyvanse helps a lot to get going in the morning.


11 thoughts on “Today’s progress

  1. Llew Raven

    I have been signed off work for two months due to an episode and new anti-psychotic’s starting to work. Back next Tuesday and trying to do the same. I love my job and work colleagues yet have this fear too. You deserve to not live in fear, we just have to keep walking….
    Good luck with tomorrow, you will be fine xx

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      1. Llew Raven

        Everyone I know has this, we just have it magnified. On the plus side, we have happiness magnified more than others, so I would take that deal any day. Having all these emotions just makes me celebrate my ‘victories’ (or even good days) more. x

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