outpatient care in progress

Well I have completed four days of this.  The first day was super overwhelming and tiring.  The rest of the days went smoother.  The positives are that it give me structure from 8:30-3:30pm, and I have a sense of community with all the people that are there.  Plus I feel like I fit in because we all have the same or similiar issues.  Sometimes I get bored because it is basically group therapy all day of different kinds, some presenters have no animation to themselves which makes it boring.  Boredom seems to indicate agitation for me easily.  No med changes have been made yet because the psychiatrist wants to talk to my regular one as I requested so.  My mornings go well and I am in good spirits, but the trend is it changes around 2pm or so and I become indifferent or bored, then later in the evening I seem to feel depressed.  Oh and I don’t feel right in the head until I take my meds in the morning and wait for them to kick in before I fee like I want to get off the couch.  The staff is always nice, and I feel safe there.  Oh and I met with a professional outside of outpatient care about  service dog.  The guy said I definitely qualify for a service dog and he would sign off on all paperwork for it.  This coming Wednesday, we will meet again about all the information he gathered and how to start the process.  I know nothing about this process but am willing to investigate.

It is very strange that for the whole morning time and into about 1 or 2, I am interested, inspired, happy, feeling decent, wanting to shower or cook, then it all disappears .  I really do not get this, nor has anyone offered any explanation for this other than not being stable or depressed.  But I feel there is more to this phenomenon.  Any takers?


8 thoughts on “outpatient care in progress

  1. Preslee

    When I get bored, I get really agitated… I start getting mad for no real reason. Your symptoms could be the Vyvanse wearing off. Have you tried occupying yourself when you start feeling bored? Maybe try Journaling or coloring. Something that requires focus, but not too much stress? Some times that helps me to re-center myself. I read a lot too, it occupies my mind and sends me to another place, and that helps.
    I’m glad that you’re going to be able to get a service animal. I have my personal dog, Rockee. She’s not trained for anything special, but she’s really intune with my moods and can tell when they change. If I start getting upset, or especially if I’m having a melt down, she’s right there. She puts weight on me, by pressing against me or sitting in my lap. If I’m hitting myself she will paw at my hands to make me stop. Animals are really special, I think it will be good for you.

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    1. Yeah I tried several things to occupy myself but could not focus and they seemed of no interest to me. I thought it was the adderall causing the side effect of agitation plus I had a headache and that is listed as a side effect. Nice to know I am not the only one who gets highly agitated when bored.

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