Today was an accomplishment

Well my morning did not go as usual and was very hard.  My husband suggested taking my vyvanse like two hour later and we got breakfast in the meanwhile.  I felt like in a total fog and not myself.  Took the med but it did not kick in like usual because I had food in me.  We went to the farmers market after that and it felt so routine, did not get much out of it.  Started feeling bad on the way home, and it all built up and I cried at home feeling horribly depressed.  My husband held me and I vented.  Then he forced me to do a hike which I did not want to do at all as I was in a crying mess and feeling awful.  He made me get my hiking shoes on and it wasn’t until about 15 minutes later that I started to feel better.  As time went on I felt better and better and my love for hiking returned and that was wonderful!  I felt all my interests in outdoors stuff come back and I was so grateful I thought I was going to lay down and cry in happiness.  The first leg of it was great , then the second leg, coming back home was harder because I was hungry then got a headache.  The point is I felt centered out there and not depressed!  There is my accomplishment.


4 thoughts on “Today was an accomplishment

  1. Preslee

    Some doctors suggest physical activity to help with depression symptoms. I personally suggest going outdoors. The sun helps. Whether it’s the vitamin D it provides, or the warmth on your skin, there’s something about being outside that helps lift your spirit. I’m glad you were able to lift yourself today.

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