Hello Saturday

I started reading a book called feeling good by David Burns.  I grabbed it at the gift shop of the hospital where I am getting outpatient treatment from.  I had a lot of anxiety going in there and basically had a low level of anxiety through the whole day.  It felt like if I could just get into this book, I can distract myself from all my feelings.  I also got this little trinket to fiddle with while you have anxiety.  I have read about fifty pages and like it.  Right now, I am bored with it, but I will go back to it.  After taking my meds, and eating some cereal plus reading some, I felt motivated to go get gas and a prescription.  That felt strange because I just wanted to go home and was counting when I could go home.  That is disappointing, simple errands right?  All I really feel like doing today is reading on the couch and watching TV and playing on the internet.  There are thoughts of I should do this or that but that seems so mundane and difficult.  I have a gym membership that I don’t use, feel guilty because my dad paid for it, he actually forced me into getting it.  I am overall trying to ignore the depression and how it feels like it is getting worse.  Anyone else read this book I talked about above?


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