Feeling worse

  • Dont feel like going to the day program, do not feel like leaving the house, getting dressed, showering. I hate this sinking feeling.  Anyone have these similar feelings?  I cannot keep going on like this.  Anyone who has been through this successfully gotten out of it?  Could really hear stories of that.  

5 thoughts on “Feeling worse

  1. A

    I’m not the best person to comment on this but I’ve had it before and though I’m now worse again I think at least it shows it is possible to get better.

    Take baby steps if you can- it’s hard to get dressed, shower, leave the house, do all of this- today can you just shower? I don’t know if this helps at all

    Sending you love, you can get better, believe in yourself :*

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  2. Miranda

    I also have bipolar I am older I think I am almost 52 there are ups and downs for us all I am not getting much done just lately. I have a very kind caring and supportive husband and a dog called Benji who both help me keep going. The day you went hiking your husband showed you such support and patience, you should let him help he really cares. Hope things improve for us both soon.

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