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Can anyone share what they did to get out of a deep depression?


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  1. Hmmm… When I’m depressed I tend to also obsess over everything that’s gone wrong in my life. Now that over the last one year I’ve resolved most of it, I talk about what’s on my mind to someone even though I know it’s pointless or I tell myself that I shouldn’t pile on. I’m already sad and low and by thinking about these negative or hurts or sad things I’m just piling on to my exisiting misery.
    Then I do what it takes. I cut down on all activities that involve additional effort. Mostly social things.
    I give myself a timed indulgence break. I call them panda days. I’ll indulge in whatever I want. Lazing and ordering from out while watching marathon Netflix shows. Junk food. Sobbing away for no reason. Not bathing. Whatever… Having someone who can pamper you during that time really helps.
    After my break, which I sometimes extend by half a day when I really need to, I tell myself to snap out of it. Start with basic activities. Clean up, bathe, cook… Check blog. All these might not happen together. I’ll keep breaking down and crying. But picking myself back again and trying is my definition of success. It might take a while for these things to happen naturally.
    Then I slowly keep pushing myself by increasing the list. Cook, write, call a friend(hard to do. For me, social activities are tough), exercise (one of the hardest)
    Add things that give you happiness. Even fake momentary happiness. Panda videos, sitcoms, crunchy wafers, cuddling with your partner… Whatever it takes. Fake it till you make it. These momentary smiles add on… Slowly.
    Now, after a while of having done this my time frames are shorter. A day or 2 break and a couple of days at best to get back…
    When I started out alone, they were much much longer. So figure out time frames that work for you. The important thing is to not give up how many ever times you fail.

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  2. I didn’t believe it would ever happen but it actually honestly has become easier now than it was last Dec. Also during my good days, I try to deal with my baggage. Most of our actions and thoughts have a reason. The intensity of the thought might be exaggerated due to our condition but there will be a base reason. I question why how when where what till I reach that reason and either talk to the concerned person or rationalise it to myself. But I understand that rationalised issues still have emotional baggage. So I vent by crying and talking to myself or posting it on my blog. Helped a lot!

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  3. Ketamine infusions are far better than all the zillion other things I’ve tried. They have gotten me out of serious depressive episodes and have helped me prevent falling back in to them.

    Besides that, I think it is helpful to try give myself a break — as in not pressuring myself to be less depressed and not getting mad at myself when I can’t shake it off. This may not make the depression go away but I think it helps to not make it worse.


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