Why is it my depression is always on my mind?  Do not want to face the next day, shower, leave the house , always seem bored despite several things I try.  The pain does not go away, I keep trying real hard everyday.  I feel like I get confused easily and not of a sharp mind.  What am I supposed to do?  I tried the day program and did not get the results I wanted.  


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    1. Omg i am up to 150 on lamictal, not much of a change. He raised it to 175 for two days then 200 until I see him again on monday. It still is a monumental task to get ready in the morning and goto work. Had a good part of the day yesterday. Do not want to go to work tomm. I can now cry which beforei felt like crying and could not. Came home, showered and been laying on the couch. Feels like basic tasks are too much work every day.

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      1. Because you have severe depression and anxiety. At least that is what I’m always told. Are you just on Lamictal or something else too?

        I’m on Lamictal, Vyvanse, Zoloft, and Risperidone…and I still feel like shit most days. I have an appt next month with a psychiatrist to see about adjusting my medications.


      2. I am able to have a few moments of happiness here and there. I find it’s when I’m not thinking about anything and just being in the moment. The minute my brain starts connecting with my emotions it’s all over for me and I go down the rabbit hole.

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