Rapid cycling

  • My therapist told me I am rapid cycling given that I had two days of euphoria, then sunday I crashed but was still able to do things.  Woke up today feeling decent but the second half of the day crying.  I am on this new med, and I get bloodwork done on the 12th.  She said that there is nothing I can do because it has to run it’s course and there has to be a blood level with the new med.  This all scares me a lot.  Not knowing what you will wake up with?  Anyone have any advice on how to cope with this?  

2 thoughts on “Rapid cycling

  1. My psychiatrist said that in the US I would be most likely diagnosed as rapid cycling but here in the UK that isn’t diagnosed so much and is considered still to be borderline personality disorder. Anyway doesn’t matter what others call it, what matters is dealing with it. Firstly it’s going to take practice and improvements can be so small they’re hard to see.
    Now, to deal with these unpredictable extreme states you need to come up with some plans. By that I mean have a think – when you are euphoric what should you do? (Think calming activities) And what shouldn’t you do? (Thinking costly purchases, making big commitments etc). Do the same for the depressed state. Now you have go to plans for each state. When you find yourself in one of these heightened emotional states go to your plans and start trying to follow them. This will take practice. Sometimes you’ll get it wrong. Sometimes it’ll seem pointless but over time (and it can be quite quick actually) you’ll start to hone your skills. It is also useful to work on recognising what your body is experiencing. If you’re in a euphoric mood can you describe the physical sensations in your body? Just doing this (it’s mindful) can help you find the right direction.
    I live on an unpredictable rollercoaster and it’s exhausting for me and unsettling for those around me. However, with practice I’m managing the ups and downs far better – it can be done but it’s hard, so don’t give up 🙂

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